Webzilla Review

Enterprise Hosting Solution

Webzilla has been operating since 2005. It provides high end hosting solutions to their clients. They think of themselves as enterprise-level hosting providers that specialise in cloud and dedicated servers. To make sure you have the best hosting experience they also offer data protection, collection services, a great content delivery network and other things. You can pick yo have your hosting in any of their several locations and they’ll ensure they meet your specific needs.

You’re welcome to use their other related services like managed services and cloud storage, and a lot of other things. It’s unlikely that anyone of entry-level is going to need this kind of hosting, but it’s certainly a solid choice for those companies with a higher-end need for hosting.


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Uptime & Reliability

Exceptionally Stable Hosting

Webzilla offers extremely stable hosting. They use very high-quality hardware from the likes of Cisco, Dell, SuperMicro and other trusted brands to make sure their customers never fall into trouble. The software they use comes from Linux and Microsoft and is configured perfectly and managed with scrutiny to ensure everything is running smoothly at all times. Webzilla offer a 99.99% uptime promise so customers are confident that their site and services are going to be available to their customers at all times.


Custom Hosting Solutions

Unlike many hosting providers, this company doesn’t just list a few of their packages that you can pick from. Rather, they work with you collaboratively to build the exact hosting solution to suit the requirements. This isn’t to say the deployment takes any longer to get up and running but for this level of hosting it’s not a huge concern.

When creating a server, customers have the choice to either a managed or un-managed solution, which is a novelty. At this high-end level of the market, a lot of hosting providers only tend to offer unmanaged services.

When putting your server together you may pick from SATA, SAS or SSD drives for your disks. The total amount of storage is totally scalable and nearly unlimited. They offer RAM up to 1TB per each server and that tends to be enough for most people. You can have metered or unmetered bandwidth to make sure you get exactly what you need. To put it plainly, you work with their team to design the exact service to fit your requirements.


Expert Tech Support

Their tech support team is expertly skilled and experienced so they offer help for anything you need. You can reach them via ICA, jabber, phone and email. You can pretty much always get in touch with them.

If you’re purchasing a managed server they’ll make sure you get and keep everything up and running smoothly, always.

Remember though, if you choose an unmanaged hosting service only you are responsible for dedicating your own resource to maintaining everything but the hardware.


Affordable High-End Hosting

When dealing with higher-end providers like Webzilla, you expect to pay big bucks. This is no exception to the rule. Because everything is bespoke to your needs, you’re able to set your own price based on what kind of hardware and other services you take from them. They don’t advertise specific prices on their website which might be frustrating to some. When using a hosting expert to design your server, though, you’ll soon learn what the price is, specific to you.


Very Customer-Centric

This isn’t just a simple hosting company offering lower-end services. They have, though, made it pleasantly easy to go through the process. When you sign up for your hosting servers, you’ll work with an account manager who has key knowledge and will ask you the right questions and make recommendations. They also use the best industry software and make sure everything is as easy as it could possibly be for you.


High-End Hosting Service

If you need an enterprise-level hosting solution for your business, Webzilla is a great one to consider. They offer a lot and do a wonderful job ensuring the customer gets precisely what they need.