The Best SEO & PBN Hosting Companies in 2020


SEO and PBN hosting isn’t anywhere near as simple as your normal hosting setup, and requires several additional features to make sure you aren’t going to lose a very valuable asset to your SEO campaigns. 

Domains, PBN Builds and content can all add up to be very expensive.. And choosing the wrong host for your PBN could negate that entire investment and result in penalties & a huge loss of earnings. So, you better choose wisely.

Luckily for you, we’ve done the majority of the testing you would ever think of and have tried over 15 different SEO and PBN Hosting providers to make sure you’re getting exactly what you’re paying for.

What Is SEO & PBN Hosting?

SEO hosting, also known as PBN hosting is a specific setup that providers offer where you get multiple IP addresses so you can (theoretically) host sites that look completely separate of each other. ​This benefits people trying to setup sites to be part of a private blog network, which is one of the strongest backlink strategies currently being used in the black and grey hat SEO worlds. 

Most SEO hosting companies will buy reseller or cloud based solutions from tens (or even hundreds) of other hosting providers, so they can split your sites across as many different IP addresses and name servers as possible.

SEO Hosting Companies Reviewed

Though we went through over 15 different companies, we decided to just pick 4 that stood out as either the best of the best, or quite literally, the worst of the worst – And a middle of the pack company to keep the balance too.

The Deindexation Test & Comparison 

We decided to do a pretty prolonged test against several of the providers we mentioned here, and see which one’s stood the test of time when it came to Google being able to pick-up on dodgy hosts and deindex our PBN Blogs as a result.

Of course, it may not be JUST the host that resulted in these sites being removed from Google’s index, but we made sure to be as safe as possible when it came to everything but the hosting provider. That being said, the results correlated pretty nicely with our initial opinion on each provider.​

The Best SEO Hosting Company

If you’ve read through the above post and reviews, then you’ll know we have a clear overall winner in terms of safety, design, ease of use and pricing. I’m of course speaking about Easy Blog Networks.​


When it comes to looking for SEO hosting, you have to be extremely careful with who you select. The best option is to always buy multiple premium hosting solutions yourself, but this can run into the hundreds of dollars a month for hosting just a handful of sites.

Check out our reviews and see which one you think fits the mark the best for your requirements, and tell us what you thought was your favorite pick (or if you’ve had any previous experience with the mentioned companies) in the comments section down below. ​

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