Leaseweb Review

Reliability Focused Hosting

Lease Web is a wonderful hosting company that provides a number of very high-quality services and they’re all reliable.

The company are based in the Netherlands but have data centres in Asia, the US and Europe.

They’ve done good work on building a solid reputation for being in the top most reliable hosting companies there are. They’re committed to using only the best quality hardware for their servers and they keep everything they use up to date with the latest technology.

They have a cloud hosting offer for most customers, offering a VPS with a dedicated solution for anyone who needs that. This company makes it their priority to provide their clients with the precise service that they want.

Uptime & Reliability

Highly Reliable Hosting

This company’s tag line is ‘reliable hosting’ and they certainly live up to that as a promise. Weirdly, though, there’s no mention of uptime guarantee that’s immediately obvious. Given the high-quality hardware they use, it shouldn’t be cause for concern. This is alongside the great tech support and their overall brand reputation. There’s no doubt you’ll get a reliable hosting service.


Quality Hardware and Much More

The very first thing to notice when looking at the website is how they focus on telling you about their high-end hardware, labelled by the company as ‘bare metal’ servers.; known for being fast and reliable. There’s an SSD drives option and they’re known for being flexible and having all the features you might want.

If you opt for a dedicated server, there is the option to customise it with what you need. They do offer several packages to choose from though so you might find the right one already exists. You can pick where you’d like your server to be located, which is a nice bonus.

The cloud hosting solutions are all best in breed and create very fast page loading. The hardware specifications are also generous.

Be aware of a couple of the limitations though. Disk space and bandwidth in particular, but they’re both high enough that it’s unlikely to be an issue for the majority of customers. It’s something to be aware of but it depends on what type of site you’re looking to run.


Incredible 24/7 Support

The company obviously knows that you can’t offer a truly reliable hosting solution without having a 24/7 support service. It’s not totally clear where exactly the IT team is in the world, so that could be cause for concern for some customers, but on the whole, there haven’t been any complaints from their customers, so wherever they are, it doesn’t appear to be a problem.

They have a useful self-help section that provides customers with a lot of frequently asked question type information that will help you keep your site up and running all the time.


Remarkably Low Prices

The prices are unexpectedly low. This isn’t to say they’re cheap because they’re certainly not. When you compare the quality of hardware on offer and the features you get with other companies offering similar services, you’ll learn hat the price is very affordable. Saying that, though, if you don’t require such a level of hosting and you’re looking for a personal blog-type site, this might all be overkill.


A great hosting option for all

This is a good company to look into no matter where in the world you are. It might not be an ideal option for smaller, entry-level websites but after that point they will certainly not just meet but exceed your needs, regardless of the kind of hosting solution you need. They’ve got great recommendations from their customers and they have an overall solid reputation.


  • A lot of hosting options
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Incredibly Reliable
  • Global Data Centers


  • No uptime guarantee noted for shared hosting services
  • No shared hosting solutions on offer