Heficed Review

Heficed Expert Review

Known previously as Host1Plus, Heficed offers market-leading services for businesses looking for an online server and IP address. Unlike most hosting services, Heficed is focussed on providing IP Blocks and services to users which lets business secure their exact online storage and bandwidth that they need while having rapid, no-frills scalability.

Heficed’s services were tested to see what their sales model had to offer and the results were pleasantly surprising. They offer incredibly fast speed, an empowering model that allows the customer to select precisely what they need and a wide range of features to boot. Heficed offers a valuable web development tool and can host for companies looking to put their processes and services online.

Pros and Cons


  • All the bandwidth you need with a flexible IP route and block services.
  • Dedicated IP banks allow you to run your apps from wherever is most efficient
  • Only pay for what you need with scalable and flexible payment options and IP blocks
  • 99.9% uptime SLA guarantee
  • Start a white label company with Heficed’s solutions for resellers and partners, with ease
  • Pick from a wide selection of dedicated cloud solutions that reduce hardware requirements, keep costs down and ensure flexibility
  • Pick from around 2045 IPs that are black-list free for your applications, business websites and more
  • Easily manage your UP services with Heficed’s terminal with a unique proprietary API


  • Heficed’s plans aren’t instantly clear and are not technically hosting in the common use of the word
  • The services on offer are best suited to professional web developers
  • No cPanel or any standard control panel, so admin of your site is a bit tricky

Pricing and Payment Methods

Unlike the majority of hosting competitors, Heficed’s biggest benefit is that their pricing is structured to be flexible and scalable. The test of Heficed went into their multiple offerings and the result was pleasing to see where they present multiple options to their subscribers.

Heficed’s most basic offering, Switch, allows the flexibility to lease and move IP addresses when needed from a full-functional management dashboard. The pricing for this is a la carte. The payments will vary dependent on the IPs being leased.

Also, their Krono Cloud infrastructure gives you an array of IP resourced to both manage and scale apps and websites. Thanks to the full hardware virtualisation, you’re able to create a server that has full root access and a bunch of features. Plans begin at $20 per month for either Linux or Windows-based cloud servers.

If you require a more high-end solution you can go for Heficed’s Proto Compute plan which gives you access to dedicated cloud servers. Proto Compute servers start at $110 per month and the price then varies based on what technical requirements you have. Heficed Connect plans offer a similar deal but with this, you get a whopping 100GB of blended traffic and connections via major ISPs to facilitate that traffic. These plans are either PAYG or a la carte.

Heficed also offers a reseller program that allows you to offer a fully-managed white-label IP and cloud server solutions to your own clients. Heficed’s reseller plan begins at $250 per month and can go up to $15k per month depending on what you need and what reseller level you are.

Ease of Use

It was found that Heficed delivers a great solution for a business who needs flexible hosting, their whole business itself is definitely aimed at expert web developers and enterprise companies. Rather than standard hosting plans, Heficed allows you to build a bespoke virtual server and ecosystem right onto their data centre. This way, rather than traditional hosting, you’re paying for the IP address you use and the blocks you’re holding to route the traffic.

If you are one of these expert users, Heficed is easy to use for you with thanks to their developer tools. These include things like full root access to your cloud server, IPv4 and IPv6 compatibility, fully-integrated terminal to manage all of your IP addresses. You can scale any of your plans easily to match your bandwidth needs as well as reduce your capacity to save costs when you’re not using them.

Load Times and Reliability

Due to Heficed’s special architecture, they provide astonishing uptimes and can route your traffic to make sure you get the best loading time possible. Heficed’s IP-based services, rather than a full server, means you’re always able to reroute your IP traffic to get the best possible speeds. More, Heficed works with some of the world’s biggest ISPs and additional several regional IP registries. This means the IPs on offer from Heficed are whitelisted and optimised.

One big factor when testing Heficed’s hosted services was their reliability. Downtime will inevitably drive users away. If you register for Heficed’s SLA plan, they guarantee 99.9% packet delivery and uptime. After a few months of testing every service on offer from Heficed including geolocations, it was found that they really do stick to their promise.


During testing, it was noticed how easy the platform is to use. The features do seem to be specifically for pro web developers. All of the plans from Heficed allow multi-region compatibility for IPv4 and IPv6 addresses which gives the flexibility to host your apps and services. Plus, you can move your geolocation on demand and change your whois info which gives another layer of security and privacy to your site.

One of the most curious features found during testing was the ability to build bespoke routine rules which lets you optimise the type of traffic travel through the available pipelines. This lets you build a faster service and offload non-essentially traffic from your main server. It was also nice to see the cloud severs including full root access. As well as being scalable. you can opt to reduce the number of IP addresses being used with just one click.

If you opt for the Protos services you can select an operating system as well as build a web interface to manage your services. Finally, their API means you’re able to integrate your own server management into any app you’re already using to design and manage your site.

Customer Service

For complex services like what’s on offer at Heficed, it’s key to have high-quality customer service. This is an area where they could improve, sadly. It doesn’t currently offer a good communication channel like chat or phone support. The quality of the content found in Heficed’s knowledge centre is great; tutorials, guides and useful articles that solve most common issues. You can talk to the company via support ticket but that channel is largely taken up with sales enquires. Overall, Heficed should see what they can offer in real-time, support-wise.

Heficed User Reviews

There are plenty of reviews from real users to be found online, so before you consider using Heficed, see what others have had to say.


On the whole, Heficed offers a good service. If you need something bespoke that’s scalable. Whilst they don’t offer the typical plans that you commonly see from other hosting and server providers, their IP leasing and routing option do help you to design the exact server and online infrastructure that toy need to support your app our website int eh best way possible.

Heficed’s more advanced features were great, including the ability to reroute IP traffic and their whitelisted IP options, and the rapid speed that comes with such a huge service. It would be nice to see them offering some real-time support options to customers. It’s a wonderful service though if you need a scalable, highly-tailored online infrastructure tool.